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Pet-Pad Miami Luxury Pet Services - Allie and Eric


Let Us Take You Through the Heartfelt Journey of Pet-Pad Miami

7  years ago, the idea of Pet-Pad Miami was born out of our desire to expand our duo into a family of three by adding a pet that would fit our active lifestyle. So, we started pet sitting, taking in one family pet at a time. 

With each pet-service we offered, we found ourselves falling in love with giving pets the epitome of a luxurious vacation-like experience and giving peace of mind to their devoted pet owners with demanding schedules.

At our core, we prioritize the well-being of your pets, aiming to alleviate you of any worries or stress while also facilitating your connection with your furry companions, regardless of your time or distance apart.

Our journey with Pet-Pad Miami has been about creating a haven for pets, and in doing so, we've found joy, connection, and fulfillment beyond measure. 

paws & kisses,

Allie + Eric

Cherished Remarks

Pet-Pad Miami and Lauren Alatriste Photography

We aim to alleviate the stress and worries for pet owners by offering a seamless, comforting experience for both you and your pets. Our dedication to maintaining a clean and safe environment ensures your dog or cat's well-being throughout their stay with us.  


Through regular updates and personalized care, we keep you and your beloved companion connected and reassured, ensuring every moment apart is worry-free.  


Additionally, our flexible approach allows us to accommodate any specific needs or preferences you or your pet may have.


By providing this peace of mind, we enable you to focus on your business ventures or travels with sheer confidence.


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